See How It Works

See How It Works

Click here to view our 13 minute overview video.

As you watch the MedTegra Overview video, note how you are guided through the simple and already-familiar process of setting up a ReferralSafe with an example patient referral. See how nice it will be to have one protected place for everyone involved in the care of a patient…at each person's convenience in time and location.

You may also enjoy seeing our whimsical allegory, "MedTegra: A Modern Fairy Tale".

Click "Sign Up Now" to get started. You'll get a private MedTegra Care Coordination Center and everything needed to manage your ReferralSafes including:

  • A personalized dashboard
  • Invaluable reports and analytics
  • Controlled 24/7 access from anywhere at any time
    • or limit selected users to in-office access.
  • Supports unlimited ReferralSafes and users.
78% of physicians interviewed were experiencing difficulties accessing and communicating with colleagues in a timely manner. -Mercom's Market Intelligence Report (7/26/2010) Intuitively easy to use. Training rarely needed. Meaningful Use qualification. Facilitates transition of care. Readily exchanges clinical information and patient summaries. Proven BestTime™ collaboration technology. Protects patient information. HIPAA-compliant. Automatically organizes your patient referral information and communications. No contracts. Nothing to install. Personalized dashboard. Invaluable reports and analytics.